• Visit the most famous town in Colombia.
  • Witness the tallest palms trees in the world.
  • Appreciate a beautiful variety of birds such as hummingbirds and Andean cock of the rock.
  • Recharge yourself with that clean, pure mountain air.

🕒 Duration: 5-8 hours

🎚️Difficulty Level: easy/med

💲Cost: $100USD per person

🚶‍♂️Depart time: 8:30 am

This is one of the most visited destinations by International tourists in all of Colombia.

First, we will visit Cocora Valley, which is a beautiful place host to the world’s tallest palm trees, the wax palm (up to 70m tall or 200ft). This is the only place in the world where you can see these trees, which are approximately 200 years old and are in danger of extinction. At this point you will have a few options, a 30min horseback ride to the edge of the rapid river, or a walk of the same route, which takes about 15mins extra on foot. Or, for intermediate level hikers, there is a 4-hour hike around the mountain, which takes you to about 3000m in altitude and back down again.

Afterwards, we will go to the town of Salento and walk through the famous artisan shopping bazaar which hosts uniquely amazing local art. Here you will have time to eat lunch and later continue to the peak viewpoint of the town, which offers a fantastic scenery.

Depending on the time spent in Cocora Valley and Salento, we can make a short visit to the town of Filandia, where you can climb the observatory and stroll around the main plaza to look at the colonial architetcure that adornes the town.

What’s Included:

Private transportation to and from destination

Bilingual guide

Water bottle

Fruits and snacks


Entry fee to the 4-hour circuit

Digital photos

Not included:

Lunch and optional extras


Light and comfortable clothing, hiking/sports shoes. Change of shoes if you are going for the long hike.

Optional extras:

Horseback riding

Visit the hummingbird sanctuary

Visit the rainbow trout plantation

FACT: The wax palm is Colombia National Tree, even though it’s not a tree.

THE Coffee adventurE


  • Learn the process behind a great cup of Colombian coffee.
  • Fly over different plantations in our 2 km zipline.
  • Test your balance and core strength with the hanging bridges.
  • Have contact with farm animals.

🕒Duration: 6-8 hours

🎚️Difficulty Level: easy

💲Cost: $130USD per person

🚶‍♂️Depart time: 8:30 am

In this tour we offer Ziplining (which is quite honestly one of the most impressive in the world, it has 7 stations which zip over coffee, plantain, heliconia, and bamboo plantations and farms up to over 100m in altitude, as fast as 85km/h, and as long as 400m). Also there are 7 wicked hanging bridge obstacle course you can participate in, however this requires some level of fitness.

You can go on a coffee tour, one which takes you through the process of growing coffee beans from seeds to baby plants all the way to the finished product. You can pick your own plants, extract the beans, and in a more traditional rustic fashion, roast and grind them into a finished product of your own. We will finish the coffee tour with a nice and hot cup of coffee from the farm.

You can have the opportunity to milk cows, and see other farm animals. Last but not least, there is a swimming pool and lounge area there as well for you to enjoy.

What’s Included:

Private transportation to and from destination

Bilingual Guide



Water bottle

Entry fee

Digital photos


Light and comfy clothing, sports shoes. Swim suits if you plan on swimming, sun block. Mosquito repelent

FACT: Colombian coffee is the best soft coffee in the world!

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